Engaging with the relevant audiences for you using social media marketing.

Social media marketing for my own brand Little Switch.

I believe in the power of social media marketing… …and I’m ready to help you harness it!

So you know just how important social media marketing is, but you also find it time consuming to keep up with the trends, are unsure how to seek out prospects, and struggle creating content that makes you stand out.

The last thing you want is to post day on day, and not build a real connection with your desired target market.

That’s why I’m here to help! With my know-how with social media marketing, and your passion for your business, I work to build your social presence up with management of the platforms that are right for you.

Social media marketing always requires a good phone to utilise.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the benefits down below:

  • The first step in any good social media marketing strategy is to build brand awareness.

    Especially if you have a brand new business or an existing one which is newly testing social media waters.

  • Websites take a while to build domain authority and rank for particular terms, so social media is a great way of sending your target audience back to your website.

  • Want to humanise your brand and provide a way for your customers to ask you questions?

    Social media allows you to do just that!

  • You can generate revenue though finding potential customers to chat to, as well as converting your traffic into leads, and sales.

  • New blog? Post about it.

    New service/product? Post about it.

    There are plenty of other things you could possibly promote, but you get the point, social media is great for content promotion.

Let’s chat social media management and what I’ll be doing for each of your platforms!

I like to stick to the main four for my social media marketing management, but without further ado, here are the basics of what I can provide:

Social media marketing, and the use of Twitter.

+ Twitter

– 3-6 posts a day Monday-Friday

– 1-2 posts Saturday and Sunday

– Direct message management

– Notification of possible leads

– Daily engagement in person (I don’t believe in autobots)

– Creation of lists with your target audiences in mind

– Notification of potential PR opportunities

– Hashtag research

– Tweeting potential customers

– Participation in relevant networking hours

– Images and graphics created in your brand colours

– A monthly report and analytics overview

+ LinkedIn

– 7 posts a week

– Replies to any queries

– Notification of any possible leads

– Daily engagement and sourcing to connect with desired audience base

– Joining groups that are relevant to your business and posting within them.

– Weekly blog promotion.

– Bi-weekly pulse post written*

– Sourcing trending news and stories relevant to your niche.

– A monthly report showcasing results on your account

Social media marketing includes the use of LinkedIn
Social media marketing means I prefer using Instagram by phone for engagement and analytics.

+ Instagram

– 7 posts a week (Once a day)

– Direct message management

– Notification of any possible leads

– Replying to all comments on photos

– Creation of branded feed

– Hashtag research

– Management of unfollowers

– Instagram stories and outreach*

– Commenting on target audiences images, and similar sectors

– A monthly report showcasing results on your account

+ Facebook

– 7 posts a week (Once a day)

– Paid ads management*

– Notification of any possible leads

– Joining Facebook groups in your niche and building valuable connections

– Seeking potential customers in Facebook groups

– Content around your niche

– Replies to messages or questions

– A monthly report showcasing results on your account

Social media marketing means knowing how to use Facebook.

These are the basics, but I also can work together with you to create worthwhile content such as new photos and videos.

* May be an additional cost.

Social media marketing at your next event.

You’re attending or putting on a event? Do what you need to do, and leave your social in my hands!

Congratulations! You’re at an event that will work wonders for your business, and you know it’s amazing opportunity to shout about on your social media account(s).

But where do you find the time amongst all the networking you’ll be doing?

Leave it to me!

I can create live videos, create posts, take photographs (mobile based and on camera), film videos (on camera or mobile) to put up on the day/night or later on, and create stories for Facebook and Instagram.

Social = Sorted

Blog Packages Start From £99

Startup Online Package From £250

One to One Coaching from £40ph