A content marketing strategy made for you. 
Planning, enforcing, aiding, and reporting.

A content marketing strategy is planned specifically for you.

Don’t have a content marketing strategy? It should be a priority, but you’re not alone.

Surprised? Well don’t be, many businesses don’t understand why they need a content marketing, and a content marketing strategy, but I’ve seen how they work and why you should employ one.

Little Switch was created with the aim of helping businesses get the most from their marketing, and a content marketing strategy is vital to success.

A content marketing strategy planned out for you.
A content marketing strategy is prepared bespoke for you.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy? Well, they can work in many ways.

Some need them to identify target customers, and sectors, but others use it to create methods to reach their target audience.

What I do is work with you to create a content marketing strategy that will help you find the best way to target your ideal audience.

How do I help?

  • 1. Queries

    1. Queries

    I start with some simple questions to find out more about your business.
  • 2. Preferences

    2. Preferences

    Let’s decide what your options are for marketing, and choose your preference.
  • 3. Creating a Plan

    3. Creating a Plan

    A content marketing strategy is created with your preferences in mind of what you wish to succeed.
  • 4. Plan Completion

    4. Plan Completion

    Your plan is delivered and you get to work through it for the next month, or we work together and improve your plan month by month.

In the case you want your content marketing strategy planned, and implemented by yours truly, I do offer management packages for content creation, and social media.

So if you would like to chat about creating a plan of attack that will really compliment your brand, click the little button below!

Blog Packages Start From £99

Startup Online Package From £250

One to One Coaching from £40ph