My Story

From zero to content hero!

So you’ve found my ‘My Story’ page, and wanna know a bit more about the person behind Little Switch, and just why, well, I decided to take up the reigns of Content Marketer? You’re in the right place!

Let me introduce myself; my name is Stacey, and my background started from my early days of writing and editing videos.

Back in 2009 in fact, where I created my first blog (a Tumblr account long gone), and some very creative, and well edited…AMV’s.

I had humble beginnings.

Social Media Marketer Stacey from Little Switch

Besides, these baby steps lead me onto a Film Production Technology BSc course in 2014, and my very first Content Marketing role in 2015 while studying.

In fact, whilst studying I was teaching myself everything about content marketing, producing videos on the side with my wonderful other half Ryan in our portfolio venture Tiny Fire Media, and doing multiple part time roles such as assisting in a library and production running.

You could say I was pretty busy, but I loved it.

I was obsessed with creating good content. Videos, blogs, podcasts, social media, I fell in love with it all, and consumed anything I came across.

It wasn’t long before I was getting asked for help with content marketing from my friends, and family.

I graduated with a first class honours degree, and in 2018 I decided to take the leap and go freelance.

With the help of the Princes Trust enterprise program, which I would fully recommend, and a successful launch panel, I started my entrepreneurial journey, to help other businesses improve their online presences.

And so Little Switch was born!