Cafe, office or online?
Where we have you social media coaching is your choice!

Social Media Coaching, with a hot drink of your choice.

It takes two to make a thing go right- -social media coaching can make your online presence bright!

Unsure on where to start when using social media?

Know it will help grow your business but finding your efforts are going no where?

Want some insight on how to create a strategy and optimise your efforts?

I offer social media coaching sessions where I cover the questions that are worrying or bugging you the most, as well as offering my tips and expertise on how to improve, or start up your accounts.

Social media coaching in the location of your choosing.
Social media coaching always starts with a drink, mine is green tea, what is yours?

So what happens next? How my social media coaching sessions work:

  • You’ll be sent a questionnaire to help me understand where you’re at with social.

    These help me determine what we will work on in our social media coaching session in order to help you succeed with your social media marketing and truly get the most out of your session.

  • We go over the points mentioned in the pre-session questionnaire, and cover anything you want to discuss.

    I’ll also be sharing some of my top tips, and showing you the ins and outs first hand, so you can leave feeling confident.

  • I’ll be sending a follow up email to address answer any questions, plus send you documents relevant to your business to help you afterwards.

Looking for help with specific social platforms?

I also offer social media coaching around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram individually rather than altogether like this coaching session(s) provides.

So if you would like more information on those coaching sessions, check out those pages, or contact me to see how I could help you.

Blog Packages Start From £99

Startup Online Package From £250

One to One Coaching from £40ph