Learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing with Facebook coaching!

Facebook coaching from Little Switch.

Why Facebook is still relevant and why you should be using it.

Lets be honest, statistically, Facebook is far too big to ignore.

Worldwide, there are over 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users, with 1.15 billion of them using mobile to access the platform.

Despite the ups and downs of the platform, there is still a huge base on the platform.

With an audience that huge, it makes sense to have Facebook on your social media tool belt, but how do you use it?

Facebook coaching is the perfect way to learn Facebook for mobile and desktop.
Facebook coaching using the website on desktop.

How I help with Facebook coaching and what my session(s) cover.

Book a one-on-one Facebook coaching session to find out how to:

+ Use your Facebook profile

+ Optimise your Facebook page

+ Make the most of Facebook Ads

+ Find and use the right Facebook groups

+ Understand and utilise Facebook insights

+ Create a Facebook strategy

+ And more!

I’m here to help, and truly, it’s as simple as this:

You determine the topic we discuss, I look at your Facebook page to identify areas of improvement, and we meet for Facebook coaching over a hot drink of your choice, or over Skype.

Blog Packages Start From £99

Startup Online Package From £250

One to One Coaching from £40ph

Looking for help with other social platforms or want a full round up of how to use all four?

I also offer social media coaching around Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram individually, as well as an all round coaching session on social media.

So if you would like more information on those coaching sessions, check out those pages, or contact me to see how I could help you.