Hey, I’m Stacey!

Also known as Little Switch, and my aim is to help small businesses get attention from their target audiences all through the power of online marketing!

Your online business journey starts here…

Do you currently feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing your business online?

All you really want to do is work on what you love, and build your business. You know online marketing is important, you’ve heard how everything is going digital, and yet, where do you begin?

Everyone is telling you ‘You should be using these social networks…you should have a website…you should have…’ and whilst that’s great, you have no idea how to make your online accounts work.

You know the biggest and best thing I consider about being an entrepreneur?

priscilla du preez 318419 unsplash

It’s the passion you have for what you do, so what I really want to do, is help you communicate that online to a bigger audience.

I’m here to help you so you can work on your business, whether that’s by working alongside you to improve your online presence…or managing that for you.

My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you boost your online presence, and support your passion.

Where we begin is up to you.

I understand that everyone’s business is at different stages.

Whether you’re a startup, freelancer, or long standing business owner, your journey, and your understanding of being online is specific to you, and I want to help you build from where you are and communicate that.

I work with you to understand what stage you’re at, so that we can truly get the most out of your coaching or online management, because each person and business is unique.

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Little Switch
  • “I had a vague idea of what I wanted for my social media platforms, but the ability to implement my ideas was just beyond me. With guidance and support from Stacey at Little Switch, my channels became both well presented and engaging, leading to more organic visitors back to my website!

    Additionally, Stacey provided me with the tools and self-confidence to look after my channels when necessary.”

    David Cowden
  • "With my mentoring role at The Princes Trust I have to be aware of the opportunities within social media for start up companies to grow within that field.

    Stacey at Little Switch gave me an in depth presentation of the four main social media channels.

    Her presentation was concise and easily understandable and will help me greatly in my role to further impart that knowledge.

    I can highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking to expand their social media presence."

    Paul Fox
    Business Development Consultant
  • "After struggling to get to grips with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but understanding the importance of them for business, I sought help from Stacey at Little Switch to take over the accounts.

    After just one month, Stacey had increased the engagement on all of the platforms considerably and had also potentially lined up work. 

    Stacey has been reliable, hardworking and dedicated to the work as well as achieved what she was brought in for. The company has been professional throughout and I would definitely recommend their services for anyone looking for digital marketing."

    Aaron Wiggins
  • "Stacey is very passionate about her work and is very knowledgeable about social media trends, technologies, platforms and content marketing strategies.

    Oh, and she's also very smiley which is nice!"

    Scott Ledbury
    Managing Director